Animal Rescues


Please contact us if you have an animal in need or find yourself in need of assistance.
We have over a decade of experience in handling exotic species and are well equipped if you should need some help.

Be aware… very aware of the pet store owner that tells you, “what a GREAT pet this animal makes!” Here at Animal we believe that all pets are great, but also that not all great pets are great for all people. Lifestyle, finances, availability of space, availability of foods, age, and independence all play a role in choosing a pet that is right for any given person or family. Any person, breeder, pet store owner, or even a veterinarian who tells you that a pet is great for you without having asked about any of the above or inquiring into what knowledge you already have on a particular animal, is definitely NOT looking out for the best interest of the animal, and you as well are being slighted in the midst of someone’s drive towards a dollar.

rescuesWith the growing number of exotic pets that are becoming available in pet stores, it is important to remember that the research that a potential owner does or does not do will affect the life of this animal forever.
Whether it’s a hamster or a hedgehog, a piranha or a parrot, knowing how to properly care for them is 100% our responsibility once we choose to bring them into our lives.
They are completely helpless to care for themselves in a captive environment and they rely on us to keep them healthy and happy.

There are many resources available for doing the research into which pet is best for you.
The internet is a tremendous place to find good basic information on almost any pet you can wish for, but here again use good judgment and don’t take any one site’s word as gospel. Always look in more than one place and compare the information you find.
Finding individuals that have shared their lives with a particular pet is one of the best ways to get good reliable information on any breed or species.
The email server Yahoo has online groups that you can join and visit with pet owners all across the world. On these groups you can ask questions and learn about everything from diet to housing to medications and more. It has proven to be an invaluable resource for pets, owners, even zookeepers and veterinarians.

Almost 80% of the pet, education, and exhibition animals here at Animal are either rescues or “re-homes”.
The reason that so many of our beautiful friends are rescues or re-homes is because someone was either given inaccurate or inadequate information, or didn’t know how critical their own researching was to begin with.
The healthiest, most responsible, kindest thing you can do for any animal you wish to share your life with is to do that research BEFORE you bring it into your home.