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Terms of  Adoption

for rescues and rehomes from  Animal Ed.ventures sanctuary


1) You agree to always have the welfare and best interest of this animal at the forefront of your actions. 2)You agree to maintain upkeep, feed, and shelter requirements at optimum conditions. 3)You understand that this animal may be from a previously unacceptable or unhealthy environment and may have special needs and requirements and you agree to cater to those needs. 4)You also agree to an on-sight or home visit a minimum of once during the first year with a follow-up or second visit within the first two years if we feel it is necessary. 5) You agree to surrender the animal back into our care if any of the above conditions are not met, or if you find you are no longer able to meet them. 6) If, for ANY reason, it becomes necessary to rehome this animal you will contact Animal Ed.ventures to make arrangements for its return to our facility. 7) No rescue rehome will be released into your care until a hard copy of this form has been signed and returned to us by the person adopting the animal.


If you should decide at some point that any of our animals are not the pet for you or should you need to place your pet for any reason, We state here again that, by signing this form, you have agreed to contact us before running ads or consigning to pet stores. We may be able to help you with placement into safe, educated, and loving homes.
Please understand that if for some reason your new pet does not work out, you agree NOT to take this pet to a shelter or turn it over to a caregiver not educated in the care and well being of the animal.
Also, please be advised that it is illegal to release an animal of captive breeding into the wild and do not do so as this can be very dangerous for the animal and also, in the end, impact the rights of all exotic pet owners. Please understand that these animals require your care, time, compassion and veterinary care and, as well, that the costs incurred could be quite substantial. Please do not withhold veterinary care or other necessities from this pet due to a lack of funding. Should this problem arise, we ask that you seek out Animal Ed.ventures, or a qualified rescue, or someone equally able to care for this animal until it can be returned to our facility.
Animal Ed.ventures reserves the right to alter these terms without notice at any time.
Many Thanks and Many Smiles!

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