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Earth-Speak Sanctuary


As interest in exotic pets has increased, the need for education about them and sanctuary for them has increased. Many local animal shelters are not equipped to handle exotics – even the more common exotics such as large iguanas, snakes, sugar gliders, and chinchillas.

These animals are often given away to the first person willing to take them whether they really know how to care for them or evaluate their current health or not. OR – possibly even worse - kept in inappropriate environments until they can be adopted out at for a higher adoption fee than the more mainstream pets…


Meet Rosebud…

She came to us as nothing more than a bag of bones from an unlicensed Horse Dealer that was dealing in equines under the guise of being a “rescue”. She was covered in lice, was losing patches of her hair and wasting away in the middle of a Montana winter. She was so weak she could barely even bray….



When Bill and Dottie, a pair of Green iguanas, came to us they were living outside during the fall months in temperatures below fifty degrees with no supplemental heat. Their owner had “no more room for them” in his house and didn’t realize that his cold-blooded pets were not the slightest bit warmed by the blanket he had put over their cage and that they were slowly dying of hypothermia – not to mention starvation and calcium deficiency.

Sparky, (here with Jen Peters, one of our priceless volunteers) came to us not as a rescue, but as a third time re-home. His original owner had bought him as a weanling and was an indoor smoker. As the stress of living with the fumes became too much, Sparky began the nervous habit of chewing and “rubbing” his feathers for comfort – Sort of like a small child constantly twirling a lock of hair or biting their nails. When he began to go bald he was re-homed to a wonderful keeper that, unfortunately, had asthma and in the end was unable to keep Sparky either. Apparently nobody bothered to tell her that cockatoos shed more feather dust than almost any other type of companion parrot.

Animal Ed.ventures is home #3 and although he has grown back some of his feathers in the two years he has been here, he may never grow back the rest.

Morty and Bean were shipped to us from Maine as rescues whose background is unknown. The person who shipped them tied them into a garbage bag, put them in a box and sent them Over-Night Express DHL – never to be heard from again…

They weigh 50 and 60 pounds respectively, and during the winter months consume approximately 40.00 per week in grass hay and fresh greens. Sulcata tortoises are the third largest species of tortoise in the world and Morty and Bean are expected to top out somewhere between 150 and 200 pounds!

Morty  Bean


This is Eva, Evelyn and Oscar. They were purchased many years ago by someone as a “tax shelter” along with several other ratites. When they depreciated beyond any worth they were left in a corral in a very secluded area in the care of an elderly caretaker that had no desire to be in charge of them. To his credit, he did the best he could for several years until he finally had to deliver the ultimatum that the birds must go. They were completely un-socialized and the caretaker told us that they often had to go without food for several days, until he learned to ferret some away, because their owner was consistently late on food delivery.

When we went in to take over their housing and care the owner basically knew nothing about how to handle them and offered us no help in getting them gathered into our trailer. The birds were confused and frightened by all of the sudden activity. Sadly, one of them was so terrified by the interaction that it had a stress stroke and died upon arrival at our facility. Another, a small hen, was so underweight that she did not survive that winter.

The original owner, a fairly affluent real estate appraiser, had offered to provide us with a pallet of food in exchange for taking on the birds, but after we had them in our care he informed us that we were “on our own” and refused to send us the donation of feed.

These are just a few of the animals in need that have come here to live.

Approximately 85% of the animals in our educational program and in our care are either rescues or re-homes.

To read more about our animals/stories and to learn about adoption see our rescues and adoption page.

All donations go directly towards the feed, housing, veterinary care, and various upgrades for the beautiful family of creatures here at Animal Ed.ventures’ Earth-Speak Sanctuary. Every donation helps us to continue our mission of education and salvation.

Animal Ed.ventures’ Earth-Speak Sanctuary is committed to providing a safe place for neglected, displaced, and unwanted exotics and to re-home them – when in the best interest of a particular animal - only into safe homes that are well educated in their care and level of commitment involved in having them

We are so very thankful for donations of any kind including lumber and other building materials, used kennels, and carriers.

We can accept monetary donations by check, credit card and PayPal


You can send checks made payable to Animal Ed.ventures to:

Animal Ed.ventures Earth Speak
Corynne Freeman, CEO
1489 Live Oak Road
Coats, NC. 27521

Many Smiles, Thanks, and Cheers!

Corynne Freeman, CEO
Animal Ed.ventures

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Special thanks to all of our friends and supporters!
Support comes in many ways....
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